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How to create the perfect sleep environment for your baby


We all want to provide the very best environment for our sleeping beauties, so it is important to note that healthcare professionals recommend that the ideal temperature for a baby's room is between 16-20°C.

Fortunately merino wool ‘breathes’ better than any other material and helps to regulate your baby's temperature - keeping your baby warm in the cold and cool in the heat, making it perfect for all seasons and environments. Medical studies have shown that babies sleeping in or on merino settle quicker, sleep longer, cry less and gain weight faster.

Layer your baby up with merino on cooler nights to create the perfect sleep environment so you can rest easy knowing your baby is safe and warm and best of all sleeping peacefully.

The Perfect Sleep Environment

1. Merino Kids© Go Go Bag©  is a baby sleep bag designed for your baby and toddler’s safety and comfort. We use only the finest natural superfine merino wool and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. No extra covers are required because the merino fibres in your Go Go Bag™ will help regulate your child's temperature, keeping them warm in the cold and cool in the heat

The Go Go Bag™ is available in two sizes: Baby (0-2yrs) and Toddler (2-4yrs); and three weights:

  • The Standard Weight Go Go Bag is suitable for all year round use and room temperatures between 18 and 30°C
  • The Duvet Weight Go Go Bag provides more warmth on cooler nights and is suitable for regular room temperatures between 15 and 20°C
  • The Winter Weight Go Go Bag is designed for winter use if your baby's room gets really chilly and is designed for use between 12 and 18°C

2. Layering up with Merino Sleepwear - Merino is the proven wonder fibre for young children and ensures the perfect sleep and play environment every time. Layers of merino clothing work perfectly together to ensure extra warmth on cold nights but never getting too hot thanks to its unique breathability. This amazing quality keeps a little body dry by actually drawing moisture away from the skin – it has been proven to release up to 40% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp!

  • Worn next to skin, merino is also light, very soft to the touch, non-itchy, hypo-allergenic, fire retardant and naturally odour-releasing.

3. The Snuggle Toy is the perfect comforter to complement your baby's sleep routine. They are made with GOTS organic cotton with a merino wool filling with countless fabric corners and tabs for little fingers to play with and they are machine washable making them perfect for teething babies to chew on.

Not sure what weight Go Go Bag to choose or what clothing layers would be best for your baby's sleep, please try our SLEEP SELECTOR or view our our TEMPERATURE GUIDE

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