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100% Natural
Sleep Solutions

Merino Kids is an international
award winning textile company
from New Zealand that
specialises in using 100% natural
fibres, for the design of newborn,
baby, infant and toddler

My Go Go Bag arrived overnight,
Thank you Merino Kids for your
wonderful service
Liz - Tauranga
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Go Go Bag


International award winning 100% natural merino baby sleepwear

Merino Kids™ is an international award winning 100% natural baby sleepwear and clothing company. Our designer range of 100% natural merino baby sleeping bags and sleepwear have helped babies and their parents sleep better and safely through the night in New Zealand and around the world. The baby merino sleep bags, Cocooi™ swaddles and garments are made from the world’s finest merino wool. The merino is silky and soft, keeping baby cool in summer and warm in winter. The Merino Kids range is kind to delicate skin, easy to care for, safe and great value. Babies and infants sleeping in or on merino settle more quickly, sleep longer, feed better, cry less and gain weight faster. Read More.

The main benefit of merino wool is its incomparable ability to maintain a comfortable micro-climate between body and bedding. Unlike synthetics, merino breathes and controls moisture meaning that it has the natural ability to respond to changes in temperature. This unique garment property helps keep young ones cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold.