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Why use a baby sleeping bag?


Why use a baby sleeping bag

Baby sleep bags have been used through Europe for generations. Here are the main benefits of using a baby sleep bag:

    • Baby sleep bags are designed to provide comfort and warmth without the need for additional bedding e.g. top sheets, blankets, duvets.
    • As there are no sheets or blankets to kick off while your baby is in their baby sleep bag, your baby won’t wake up cold
    • As your baby stays a regulated temperature all night, your baby is not likely to wake from the cold (check out our temperature guide for clothing suggestions)
    • A baby sleep bag promotes safe sleeping as there are no top sheets or blankets to wriggle under with the threat of suffocation.
    • The baby sleep bag can prevent your baby’s feet from becoming stuck between cot bars
    • It aids the transition from bassinet to a cot, and cot to bed, as the baby sleep bag is associated with sleep. This association will also help give your baby a strong cue that it is bedtime and helps set their routine
    • You can take your baby sleep bag on holiday, to visit family and friends or simply out to the supermarket and still keep your baby in a safe and familiar environment
    • Our baby sleep bags have a patented travel vent making it very easy to move from a buggy to the bassinet, cot or bed, helping baby with a regular sleeping routine. If you choose to use the Go Go Bag in the car-seat, please ensure you are following the manufacturers guide lines for fastening the belt (think of the Go Go Bag as an extra clothing layer)
    • And of course... they are cost effective! If you use traditional bedding; sheets, blankets etc. you could end up spending approx. $800 (Based on sourcing natural bedding; cotton and merino, for the first two years)
  Sheets (Flat & Fitted) x 2 in each size Blankets x 2 in each size Underlay x 1 Total
Bassinet $100 $150 $50 $300
Cot $150 $250 $100 $500

OR you could use baby sleeping bags; no need for top sheets or blankets, rotating two of them year-round and no need to get a bigger size for the first two years (allowing a spare for washing) and only spend approx. $400 (based on 2 Standard Weight Merino Kids Go Go Bags.

  Fitted Sheets x 2 in each size Baby Sleep Bags x 2 - just one size needed Underlay x 1 Total
Bassinet $50 $300 $50 $400
Cot $75 $100 $175

So these are all the amazing reasons why you should use a baby sleeping bag... but why choose a Merino Kids Go Go Bag?

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