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Baby Sleep Regression


Have you worried when you have a baby who is a beautiful sleeper, either sleeping through the night or for longer periods, suddenly starts waking more? Relax, this is normal as they may have hit a common developmental stage that causes their sleep to regress. Knowing about these stages makes them easier to deal with rather than the stress of wondering why your baby is no longer sleeping well.

"A sleep regression is a period when a baby who has been sleeping well (or at least well enough) experiences poor sleep. Sleep regressions can include shorter naps, extreme fussiness at nap or bedtime, fighting sleep, and frequent waking at night." 

Sleep regressions usually occur at 4 months, 8 months, 12 months and 18 months, with the 4 month sleep regression being the most common. For more information about Sleep Regression, what causes them and some tips on how to get through them, we recommend the useful insight on this Baby Sleep Consultant's blog - Click here

The piece of advice we are most excited about, is that Merino actually combats "Sleep Regression"

How you might find yourself asking WHY?

  • Merino regulates temperature so it naturally keeps baby at a safe temperature throughout their sleep, reducing the chance of waking too cold or too hot, while also helping promote self-settling as baby feels comfortable
  • An established and consistent bedtime routine of the Go Go Bag gives baby a strong sleep association and calm bedtime cue – no matter where that sleep occurs. Parents have often told us of babies instinctively yawning when their Go Go Bag appears in preparation for sleep time!
Wearing their Go Go Bag also increases the duration of the most beneficial phase of sleep known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) by naturally regulating body temperature, ensuring baby gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly – and stays there for longer. Creating a safe cocoon of warmth, baby is also less likely to wake from kicking blankets off through the coolest part of their sleep... and therefore hugely beneficial in easing the tricky periods of Sleep Regression.

These are so many more amazing reasons why you should use a baby sleeping bag... but why choose a Merino Kids Go Go Bag?

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