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Why choose a Merino Kids Go Go Bag?


Because your baby will sleep better, longer and more safely!

The Go Go Bag is an international award-winning baby sleep bag which is designed with the safety and comfort of your baby in mind. It is specifically for babies and toddlers and uses only 100% natural fibres – 100% superfine merino wool & 100% certified organic cotton.

It can be taken anywhere, allowing your child to be easily transferred from a buggy into their cot or bed. It is safe for your child and amazingly practical. A popular alternative to sheets & blankets, the Go Go Bag has passed vigorous fire safety tests and is labelled LOW FIRE RISK.

Why is the Go Go Bag the most recommended baby sleep bag by parents in New Zealand and Australia?

      • We use only the very best superfine merino in all our Go Go Bags. It is 100% SUPERFINE MERINO and NOT BLENDED with cotton or any other fabrics. This means it is the best at regulating your baby's temperature. As soon as you blend the merino with anything else, it reduces its ability to regulate temperature.
      • The lining is 100% superfine merino is so it's as close to your baby's skin as possible (if not against baby's skin) again so it can REGULATE BABY'S TEMPERATURE. If you have a cotton lining with a merino outer, the merino won't regulate your baby's temperature, it just acts as a blanket and your baby can still wake up cold.
      • The outer layer of the Go Go Bag is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton to act as an insulating layer (much like putting a blanket over baby) and to provide durability. Because merino is such a delicate, soft fibre, if a baby was to walk around in their Go Go Bag, the cotton prevents them from wearing it through allowing the Go Go Bag to LAST A LIFETIME!

The Go Go Bag has many design benefits including:

      • Prevents your baby from waking after wriggling out of their blankets
      • Keeps your baby at a safe and comfortable temperature throughout the night
      • Babies associate their Go Go Bag with sleep so will settle more easily in unfamiliar surroundings
      • Perfect for children with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin due to merino being super soft, natural and breathable
      • Promotes healthy hip development and is certified as a Hip-healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
      • Patented seatbelt vent for ease of use in a buggy when you are out and about
      • Heavy-duty YKK zip opens from the bottom allowing for an easy nappy change without taking the bag off 
      • Underarm domes (poppers) to adjust the size for smaller babies
      • Double domes (poppers) on one shoulder to help prevent Houdini babies from escaping as they get older
      • Machine washable. Merino also naturally repels odour so you can air out between washes and it 'self cleans' meaning you only need to wash it when it's soiled.
      • Naturally LOW FIRE DANGER
The Merino Kids Go Go Bag is the number 1 recommended 100% natural baby sleeping bag in New Zealand and Australia. Make the natural choice for your baby!


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