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Is Merino Kids environmentally friendly?


"Merino Kids strives to meet the needs of the present, without compromising future generations ability to meet their needs" - Amie Nilsson (Founder Merino Kids) Merino Kids Sustainable Natural


Merino Kids use 100% natural materials, where possible in all our products and packaging. Our products consist of 100% natural superfine merino, 100% natural GOTS certified organic cotton, YKK zips and YKK domes (poppers). Our packaging is made from 100% cotton organdy fabric and recycled cardboard swing tags.


At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to nature’s best materials to make the products which protect the children you care for. Superfine merino wool is naturally grown on merino sheep and is shorn from their backs each year. The merino wool naturally replaces itself as the sheep grows it’s winter coat again. This is a good start on our journey towards sustainability.


When a natural merino wool fibre is disposed of it takes only one year to decompose. Most synthetics on the other hand, are extremely slow to degrade. Examples below:

  • Wool (merino) - 1 year
  • Paper bag - 1 month
  • Polyester - 20 to 1000 years


Ethics are crucial to the operation of Merino Kids as we develop more sustainable business practices. Our business partners must be honest and ethical and, likewise, committed to fair labour practices, so that we can deliver a pure and authentic product to all our customers.

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