Merino Kids

Ethical Sourcing

Merino Kids® is an international award-winning company from New Zealand that specialises in using 100% natural fibres, for the design of baby and child sleepwear.

Merino Kids established the infant sleeping bag category in New Zealand in 2003 with the worlds first 100% natural offering. The iconic Go Go Bag® set the standard for quality, ethical merino sleep solutions for littlies all around the globe.

Our mission is to provide families with safe, socially responsible, healthy products which promote better sleep. We always work to ethical and sustainable manufacturing standards, using only the world's best 100% merino wool sourced in New Zealand and Australia.

merino sheep

ethical superfine merino

Superfine merino is at the core of the design of all our products.

Why? Simple... it is the only fibre that has amazing natural properties for SAFE temperature regulation that are scientifically proven to encourage babies to sleep better. The fact that it can be ETHICALLY sourced and manufactured makes superfine merino truly 'nature's wonder fibre'.

where does our merino come from

Our superfine merino is sourced from New Zealand and Australian farms through Woolmark accredited farmers who meet the highest on-farm standards. This provides customers with the certainty that product quality, animal welfare and health, environmental, economic and social values are positively addressed. The merino growers pride themselves on their best practices to ensure the highest on-farm standards with respect to animal welfare, farming practices, and environmental management.


Merino Kids products are designed in New Zealand. We only use the best, Australian and New Zealand sourced baby-safe superfine merino wool and certified organic cotton, together with nickel-free, tried & tested YKK zips and Prym domes. The superfine merino top is spun, knitted and finished in a modern, new production facility in Gurgaon, India with the facility set up and dedicated to the Merino Kids brand since 2012.

We are fully committed to sourcing the best environmentally friendly fabric manufacturing and finishing processes, to ensure our fabrics remain a sustainable and biodegradable resource. Where possible, materials are sourced locally. We endeavour to ensure finished products are shipped by sea freight not flown.